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Logo Design

Build Your Brand Around a Professionally Designed Logo.

Five Distinct Options

Every logo designer approaches a project differently. Rather than have one designer show you multiple variations of their approach, we start by assigning five different designers to work on your logo. This means you get five distinct options to choose from.

Unlimited Redraws

Once you choose an approach, our designer will fine tune your logo until you're satisfied. Our only goal is to give you a logo you’ll love. You can relax knowing it’s going to be perfect.

Really Fast

In just 3 days you’ll be looking at the new image of your business. Your logo will take on the personality of your business as it draws it’s first breaths and comes to life.

Copyright Transfer

What’s the point of paying for a new logo if you don’t actually own the design? None! We transfer all rights to you and provide a certificate so you have proof of ownership.

File Types

For a logo to consistently look good, you need a ton of different formats for web, signs, print, and merchandise. Don’t worry. We provide a complete package!

The Master File

The master file is the one designers and printers use to apply your logo to stuff. It’s like the keys to the safe. With this file, you can do anything and you’re getting it too.

File Storage

We know that sometimes bad things happen like hard drive failures or employee turnover. We look after your logo files forever. FOR FREE!

Unique Design

Far too often designers reuse logos they've designed for other clients or adapt stock art. The whole point of a logo is to separate your business from all others in your market. Give people something to recognize you by. We never copy other work or reuse old designs. Rest assured your logo is guaranteed to be a true one of a kind.


Printers, sign companies, ad specialty providers, and graphic designers have their own techno jargon that often doesn't make sense to most of us. One of the advantages to ordering all of your advertising through the Downtown Agency is that we take care of the tech talk for you. But you don't have to order everything through us. If a vendor has you in knots trying to figure out what kind of logo file they need, we will speak directly to their professionals on your behalf.

Money Back Guarantee

For a full 90 days after you buy our service, we promise to give you your money back for whatever reason. No questions, no hoops. All the way up to you accepting a final logo from us. If we don’t deliver on our promises, we don’t get paid.

How to Order

We take orders for many products and services online--it's one of the ways we keep our prices low. But when it comes to creative services, we need to talk. Drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll have a project manager call you back within one business day.